Frequently Asked Questions

Where is IAFA based?

We are in Portland, Oregon, on the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, a city known for its innovation in the areas of technology, design, music, literary arts and gastronomy. Portland has a great TV production, animation and advertising scene too. 

What are the advantages of taking classes online? 

An online education offers flexibility when it comes to calendar and location and grants you access to highly qualified professionals beyond your region.  At IAFA you will have the opportunity to study with filmmakers and artists from different parts of the world, who also work internationally. 

Are the courses accredited?

IAFA offers non-degree professional training programs and creative courses.  

Do you offer a certificate?

Yes. All students that comply with the attendance requirements receive a Certificate issued by the International Academy of Film & Arts (IAFA) upon completion of the course.  

What is your attendance policy?

You can attend the scheduled LIVE classes and interact online with the instructor and the other classmates or access the recorded video file of the same class and study at your own pace. You are expected to complete 75% of all class assignments in order to be eligible for a Certificate of Completion of the course. 

What kind of technology and equipment I needed to have to study at IAFA? 

We recommend you use Chrome as your browser and a 8GB processor at least. A 10MB upload speed and 5MB download speed would also be recommended. This will cover much of the standard household computers, tablets and smartphones. As for film equipment and art supplies, each course will have a description of what you will need. Most courses focus on process and allow the students to choose from a wide variety of equipment, depending on their goals and what they have access to. 

Do I have to be tech savvy?

The platform is intuitive, and with basic computer skills (web navigation, downloading and uploading files and other standard tasks) you should be able to follow. On the first day of the course we will send you a simple, easy to follow tutorial and you will be good to go.

Is an online course the right option for me?

It depends on your learning habits. If you feel comfortable interacting through a video conference, reading online and you are self motivated, you will probably enjoy this method. You will find all you will need in one place, without having to move from your favorite chair. But if you find difficult to focus outside of a physical classroom setting, you might want to consider a different approach. 

What is your refund policy?

We understand that changes in your schedule can happen, so we process refunds as followed: 

  • If you withdraw up to 2 business days before the beginning of the first class, you can can EITHER: 1) obtain full credit to apply toward any IAFA course, valid for 1 year counting from the date you registered; OR 2) receive a refund with a deduction of  50 USD administration fee.
  • If you withdraw during the first week of the course, you cannot get a refund, but you can still obtain full credit to apply toward any IAFA course, valid for 1 year counting from the date you registered.
  • If you withdraw after the end of the first week of the course, no credit or refund is available.

Please, notify us of your decision by email ( to qualify for a refund or credit. Refunds take up to six weeks to process. 

What payment methods do you accept?

All major credit cards and PayPal.  

Are your courses accessible to students with different skill levels? Do I need prior training or experience? 

We offer entry level and advanced courses, and this information will be available on the course page on our website. Most courses were developed as to not require prior experience. Students will receive personalized feedback for their projects, so you will be able to set your goals within the scope of the course. 

Do you offer your courses in other languages than English?

Besides English, we offer some courses taught in Spanish. We offer a number of courses in Portuguese through IAFA’s sister school in Brazil, Academia Internacional de Cinema – online as well as in its two locations (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro).